“A portrait & documentary photographer with a sharp eye for quirky details, based in
Haarlem, The Netherlands.”

I have this vision of my grandfather – way back, when I was just a little girl – walking around with his camera, a Nikon. And every time when we were visiting or there was some family occasion he and his camera were around too: snapping away and just documenting the kids growing up. Unfortunately he passed away a very long time ago, far before he could see what I have become. So, these days, holding my camera feels like a familiarity. It’s very comforting just envisioning old times.
Oddly enough, I picked up the trade twenty something years later in 2008. And it all started when I graduated from the University and had my first job at an online magazine. The lack of having our own stock images or even high quality visuals, triggered the need to do it myself…to create.

But it wasn’t just the need to create. Being an introvert, taking or making pictures is a great way of expressing thoughts, feelings and insights at how I look at the world. And although I don’t like to talk all that much, I like to observe people: the way they behave, they look or express themselves. I really love these special and eccentric details that define us. Even the imperfect ones. Why? It makes us more human. It is also a reminder that perfection is non-existent and that our unique beauty lies within.
I’ve made it my personal goal or mission – so you like – to look for that beauty within and show it to the world. Importantly, I dare you to look at yourself!