In may 2013 I was telling my own story on stage at TEDxHaarlem. For a behind-the-camera-kind-of-girl the most scary thing in the world. But I took the plunge and learned something that day: I finished an old chapter of my life.



This isn’t a success story about a Hollands Next Top Model or even a young Einstein. This story is about a hypersensitive woman who is being bullied half her life and trying to figure out herself and main purpose in life by telling other peoples stories.
People don’t know what it means to be bullied. A lot of the pain and consequences lie under the surface or go by unnoticed. The problem of bullying is that most of the time the actual damage is invisible. Ergo: there is nothing wrong with you! And this is partly the crux of my story. It is about the importance of visibility and being yourself. But most of all an honest story about me.