As a visual storyteller who loves photography and the stories behind the people I am always looking for more: for the authenticity and a kind of truth within people. I want to capture your inner strength and authenticity and make it visible to the world. I want to make you see, the person you are and be proud. Because everyone has an unique story worth sharing.


Visual storytelling means I tell unique stories: your story! I give either individuals, companies or events a voice and a face through visual imagery. In short, I highlight the essence of whatever we capture together.


It is my mission not only to show the person you are and what you have to offer to increase either the experience or a feeling of trust. But my main purpose is to make the world at least a little bit more truthful and authentic by showing life’s stories.


These days it is quite a no brainer to be more visible on social networks. People like to see who they are dealing with. Based on this experience, people decide if they want to buy your product or hire you for your services. It is easy really; you don’t book some hotel without checking the rooms and reading the reviews first. Well, the same goes for what you have to offer. Which makes having great photography a must have.


As a visual storyteller I am happy to provide original and authentic photo shoots. You can hire me for the following:
* Profile pictures for social networks;
* Business head shots;
* Stunning and different portraits for your website;
* Documentaries, events and workshops;
* Although I only spend time taking photos of nature while I am traveling, I love to make some beautiful artsy travel and nature photography.


My photo galleries contain a small amount of photos (depending on the duration of the shoot) which tells your story. With one specific goal in mind; to make people – you – a bit more personal and to show what you have to offer. I believe that this personal insight increases a feeling of trust. These days we like to see, feel and experience. It is all about you and showing yourself!

Why so little photos? I like to keep it minimalistic, easy, fast and fun. Photographers – yes, even me – tend to take and upload to many photographs. In my experience no one has or either, takes the time to look through all those images. It is a shame seeing all that hard work goes to waste. That is why I offer simplicity by focusing on only the best of the special and meaningful moments. And you know what? It is enough.


The most important aspect of my photography, is you (the people). I am known for my authentic portraits that makes you look beautiful – not in a fashiony way – and shows the person you really are. It is important that you can be yourself, and that you ARE yourself.

So, if you’re looking for common photos, I am certainly not your woman. I like to use a lot of natural light – in combination with a simple studio setup. And most of my shoots are in need of a bright space. If possible on a location you like; for if you are happy and comfortable it reflects on the photo.


My work is suitable for anyone who is looking for something different. It is for people who are not afraid to be themselves. It is for people who love a bit quirky and creative. And it definitely is for people who understand the importance of having good quality photos and are willing to pay for this.

Photo: Portrait shoot with the guys of Nameshapers

So, I dare you to hire me. Just contact me for a custom made pricing. On my contact page you will find different ways to reach me. Or perhaps you want to have a look at my portfolio to have a better understanding of what I do.