Creativity, Competition and Entrepreneurship

The Indie Brands events delve into the world of independent brands with inspirational lectures, awe-inspiring entrepreneurs and visual eye candy.

During this third Indie Brands event, which is about creativity, competition and entrepreneurship, we’ll introduce you to indie brands that have taken the idea of creative entrepreneurship to a new level: they’ve come up with creative new ways of doing business or creating buzz.

Curious about what these indie brands like, Threadless, Oat shoes, John Altman & As Good As New, TWO-O, Festina Lente Collective, Halbe beer, Ludduvuddu, Natwerk or Buutvrij have to say? Here is what you missed on Indie Brands #3.

John Weich


20130220, Indie Brands -BibiVeth-Visual-Storyteller

“There are two things you can do when starting an indie brand. Find the truth and tell it. Or create a myth and sell it. Personally I am not really interested in lying. I am interested in telling the truth with a slant, as long as your story is based on the truth.”



“In PR it is very important not to be an asshole. If you tell a story and it doesn’t feel genuine or if you are too eager to gain PR you won’t attract the right kind of PR you really need.”

Remy Harrewijn


20130220, Indie Brands -BibiVeth-Visual-Storyteller

“Failing really depends on how you look at it and how you feel about it. I have learned a lot over the years, so I didn’t fail. And my product Basqua is still there, but it doesn’t make me rich so maybe in that kind of perspective I’ve failed.”

Liat Azulay


20130220, Indie Brands -BibiVeth-Visual-Storyteller

“I always thought my mission was to become insanely rich, but it is not. I want to cure all broken hearts.

It started when I got dumped by this guy on Christmas. I was a total mess and my friends got me al those nice presents, because they just wanted to help me get over this bad feeling. And I realised that these kinds of nice gestures could really help to cure a broken heart.

The funny thing is, everybody gets dumped but there aren’t any solutions for this problem. That is why we build an online coach app, that helps you to get through this awful time. We give you tips to go out, parties you could go to or send you messages to stop you from feeling sorry for yourself.

Jake Nickell


20130220, Indie Brands -BibiVeth-Visual-Storyteller

“If you don’t make big mistakes you are being too careful and you’ll never get anywhere. You have to make yourself uncomfortable and learn how to do things by doing them. You are going to lock yourself up in fear if you don’t put all those thoughts and insecurities aside.”

Onno Lixenberg & Hajo de Boer


20130220, Indie Brands -BibiVeth-Visual-Storyteller

“We started a new indie brand, which took us 3 years to come up with the idea to make a real brand out of it, As Good as New; brand new second hand furniture. After a lot of PR in different magazines and blogs, people started to ask if they could buy the furniture and we realised we had to make a brand out of it. The only thing is that we can’t put the effort, it deserves, in this brand, since we are spending all our time on baking cookies and selling wine. So now we are looking for someone who wants to take over this million dollar company to be.”



“Traditional companies can resonate with thinking out of the box. It is just a matter of how you sell your ideas. You have to sell it well. It is also a matter of doing what you love. Only if you do, it will be picked up and people are willing to give your creativity a try.”

Christiaan Maats


20130220, Indie Brands -BibiVeth-Visual-Storyteller

“Do I want to partner up or stay independent? As long as the mission and the ideology behind it stay intact I am willing to partner up to everybody who wants to back that mission.”

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