The Scottish Highlands by car, 2014

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20140620-Scotland, Old man of Storr-IMG_1715-Pano- Bibi Veth

It seems like ages ago since I was in the Scottish Highlands. But I can still feel the wind in my hair, smell the sea, the mountains, the trees and a whiff of Whiskey. I definitely can still feel my calfs burning and breath heaving thinking of the Ben Nevis trail and the annoying sting of those devilish midges in my neck 🙂

In 2014 we decided to do a road trip through Scotland. We brought our own car, we took the ferry to Newcastle and drove to all the places in Scotland we’ve had on our bucket list. This is a rough map of our road trip:
Scotland road trip 2014

You need some luck to have actual good weather. Even if it rains like crazy or you can’t see of the fog, yes, perhaps even get stung by midges – well, maybe. I seriously can do without – Scotland is worth visiting. I love that it is green – almost – everywhere and that they have mountains and hills as far as you can see. It is one of the things I miss on a daily basis in our small flat country called The Netherlands.

It makes me wonder sometimes, where would I want to live if I’ve had all the money in the world? Would it be Canada, New Zealand? Or maybe California or Utah in the USA? I am happy when it is greener as the greenest grass, where there are mountains to conquer, where there is fresh air to take deep breaths and more importantly, where the people are nice and lovely. Where would you live?

These are a few of the shots I took of this marvellous place, which is Scotland.

20140620-091306-IMG_1684- Bibi Veth

My (old) man at Old man of Storr, Skye

20140620-quiraing, skye, scotland-IMG_1755- Bibi Veth

Quiraing, Skye

20140620-quiraing, skye, scotland-IMG_1747- Bibi Veth

My man looking over Quiraing, skye

20140619-neist point lighthouse, skye-IMG_1645- Bibi Veth

Neist Point Lighthouse, Skye

20140619-neist point lighthouse, skye-IMG_1603- Bibi Veth

Closer view on Neist Point Lighthouse, Skye

20140619-Fairy Pools, Skye-IMG_1591- Bibi Veth

Fairy Pools, Glen Brittle, Skye

20140618- Eilean Donan Castle, Skye-IMG_1547- Bibi Veth

Eilean Donan Castle, Skye

20140617- Ben Nevis trail, Scotland-IMG_1458-1463-Bibi Veth

Walking the Munro, Ben Nevis trail 16km

20140617-Ben Nevis, Scotland-IMG_1451- Bibi Veth

Ben Nevis trail

20140617- Ben Nevis trail, Scotland-IMG_1517-1522-Bibi Veth

On top of Ben Nevis after a 4h climb

20140616-Blackrock Cottage, Glencoe, Scotland-IMG_1404- Bibi Veth

Blackrock Cottage, Glencoe

20140616-Stalker Castle, Scotland-IMG_1432- Bibi Veth

Stalker Castle

20140615-Loch Lomond-IMG_1344-Pano- Bibi Veth

A rainy and foggy Ben Lomond trail, Loch Lomond

20140615-Loch Lomond, Scotland-IMG_1360- Bibi Veth

On the Ben Lomond trail, Loch Lomond

20140615-Loch Lomond-IMG_1378- Bibi Veth

Loch Lomond

20140618-Sligachan bridge, skye-IMG_1573- Bibi Veth

Sligachan Bridge, Skye

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