Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2015

New Economy Business

30 like-minded young professionals from all around the world were challenged on leadership and sustainability during a three day life changing event. They came to the Netherlands to be inspired and to inspire each other. And to bring out the best in themselves to become a leader of the future, equipped with the skills and tools to radically change the world.

Why should you join the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge next time?
Well, Savvas Bermperis, participant and student MSc in Sustainable Development in Greece, states: “I have just spent 3 days at one of the best conferences I have ever had: the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge. I experienced first hand how sustainability is practiced throughout the world. I had the honour to meet exciting people that I share common ideas and interests with. And last but not least, I had the luck to be a part of one of the best organized leadership programmes in Europe.”

Not convinced yet? Take a look at our visual story and see for yourself!

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Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2015, Day 1

Inspiration & Bonding

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“I have met with the great people of the Nudge Circular Cities Tour in May 2015. That made me realize that expanding my network and share my ideas and the ideas of the entrepreneurs from my city would help other individuals to launch their own! I believe in the power of leadership to switch on little lamps in the hearts and brains of people that all have the power to bring change, since this change has to come from local communities.”
– Thibaud Godet, social entrepreneur from Brussels

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Daniel Erasmus

Owner, The Digital Thinking Network (DTN), CEO NewsConsole

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“There are millions of possible futures. But it helps us to think about a couple of possibilities and the future that you want to create. The problem is that we tend to look at the future with a lot of cynicism, while billions of people live much better and healthier lives today than ever before. Things are getting better for humanity. That’s something to celebrate! What is holding us back? Limited resources on the one hand, but also the lack of imagination. I’m not saying that technology will save us, but technology is going to play a role in this.”

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Paulette van Ommen

Corporate Sustainability Manager, DSM; A personal story on leadership and sustainability

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“Define how (in)direct you want your impact to be. The world needs both mobilisers and those that themselves make the difference and have more ‘direct’ impact. Ask yourself how tangible you want your impact to be in order to stay motivated.”

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Andy Ridley

Managing Director, Circle Economy; What are the challenges leaders face today?

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“The greatest challenge and opportunity for the circular economy is for people to realize that retaining and harnessing wasted value is not just in the hands of experts, but much more in the hands of everyone.”

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“The Nudge Global Leadership Challenge is a unique initiative that brings together passionate young professionals to ideate solutions for sustainable development. As a young professional in sustainability myself, it would be a privilege for me to be part of this novel venture. By participating in this leadership journey, I hope to both contribute to and learn from other participants’ solutions for the sustainability related challenges we face today.”
-Venkatapathy Vaithianathan (Venki Vaith), Corporate Sustainability Advisor at KPMG’s Responsible Investment in Finland

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“As a passionate individual with clear aspirations in the development sector especially in the area of poverty eradication, I find the term ‘Sustainability’ very relatable. I strongly believe that the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge will serve as an opportunity to network with great minds, share my ideas as well as enhance my leadership skills for the task ahead.”
– Opeyemi Oriniowo, Development Practitioner in the UK

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Princess Laurentien van Oranje and the Board of Children

Missing Chapter Foundation

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“Our generation is more stressed because of internet and social media. The rules of engagement in the adult life are not about sharing. While the children are explaining that sharing is important and that hierarchy does not really exist, it’s a fiction of the mind.”

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“A plan that doesn’t work is a bad plan. A good plan is that you have to be adaptable and flexible.”
“Be confident. Speak loudly and make people think that you think your plan works.”
“Believe in yourself.”

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“If you are afraid you will never achieve anything.”
“When you fail, you should learn. Be reflective.”
“You should admit that making mistakes is okay, because it can help to find new ideas.”
“If you are stressed just think that great minds think alike.”

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“There is a fire burning that is guiding me. And right now I am already one step further to completing my impact plan. During the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge I realized the value of courage, collaboration and creativity. What I would like to do with my new insights is to raise awareness about ‘how to recycle in the USA’. My journey has just begun.”
– Dayna Adelman, Corporate Communications and Events Manager, Corporate Relations at HEINEKEN USA

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“I believe that I can make a significant difference on how we conduct business in the future. I have passion, knowledge and purpose for sustainable leadership, but I am only just starting. Good leadership takes a long time to learn. I believe that the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge could just be my best opportunity to excel in this area. My main motivation is to acquire the skills and network that are needed to be a leading light for people of my generation. The goal is to initiate and facilitate the changes that we need to make to ensure we sustain the planet we live on, and leave it in better shape for future generations.”
– Daniel Espeland, social entrepreneur from Denmark

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“I like to lead by example by riding my bright pink bicycle along the cycle track to work. It’s uncommon to cycle to work in England, particularly in a rural location. I like to think I have helped normalise an alternative to using a car and that I can inspire my colleagues to join me. I celebrate ‘Cycle To Work day’ and encourage all colleagues to leave their cars behind, to cycle, walk or take public transport to work. I not only do it as it offers environmental benefits but also as a way to promote healthier ways of living.”
– Carolyn Gardner, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Executive at Calor Gas

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Yori Swart, Dutch singer-songwriter

Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2015, Day 2

Self reflection & Collaboration

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Marga Hoek

CEO De Groene Zaak, presentation of New Economy Business

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“We had a world that served the economy and we need to have an economy that serves the world. We can bring back the essence of the economy into the dream that we have right now. Therefore aim to have a positive impact on the world with your business. We have generations to come.”

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“I want to join the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge to meet like-minded, unique people from all over the world who care about the future of living, the vitality and interconnectedness of our eco systems and moving forward together. Secondly, the theme of the conference appeals to me as I have a large interest in the New Economy. Gaining international perspectives will contribute to the value I deliver to clients in my work. In addition, I am very curious for perspectives on female leadership, making impact at work and in spare time and the meaning of leadership early in one’s career. And lastly, three days of inspiration, energy, self-discovery and envisioning is something I don’t want to miss out on!”
– Anouk in ’t Veld, consultant at Steward Redqueen

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“What I really like about the Challenge, is meeting so many people with completely different backgrounds, cultures and appearances. I am a Chinese girl and the Challenge makes it possible to work with either an American or Lebanese guy and so many others. We may seem so very different from the outside, but we are all the same from the inside and the one thing we have in common is how we look at the world. That is important, to find common ground to be able to work together.”
– Enci Zhou, senior PR manager at Ferrero China

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“The Nudge Global Leadership Challenge is very impressive and I am very happily surprised to find it a high quality profiled program. I feel that I am challenged at all times and that I have to push myself towards the issues that I am concerned with. Just participating and being part of this Challenge has already built so much inspiration about how to make this planet a better place. I really mean that. Yes, it is very intense, but I am completely liking it!”
– Marsida Bandilli, PhD researcher in Political Science at the University of Antwerp

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20151121-123631-_MG_7773- Bibi Veth
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“I find the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge a life changing experience on a personal level. The leadership qualities that are being created, the passion and the opening of our eyes for the world we live in every day in our own scopes. The biggest change for me is to feel the urge to do something and believe that I can do it. I am definitely going back to my work excited about my plan. I am convinced that I can implement it and learn more about the structure and what is necessary to make it happen.”
– Cindy Abi Khzam, R&D Manager at Danone Dubai

20151121-124717-_MG_7783- Bibi Veth
20151121-124827-_MG_7785- Bibi Veth
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“I experience the Nudge Challenge as being at the right place at the right time. I am really happy to connect with a community of engaged and motivated people of my age. I like that we are being empowered about changing the world of tomorrow. For we are at the start of our careers and we have the ability to go the extra mile. I really appreciate it that I could fall back on the supportive Nudge community that gives us the stability to grow together.”
– Sara Francesca, social entrepreneur in Turin

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20151121-205048-_MG_7843- Bibi Veth

Rob Boogaard

President & CEO EMEA, Interface

20151121-205807-_MG_7861- Bibi Veth

“Do not exist to make profit, but make profit to exist. So the existence must be about a noble or higher purpose. You need to challenge yourself in job choices you make.”

20151121-213253-_MG_7900- Bibi Veth
20151121-213811-_MG_7910- Bibi Veth
20151121-213507-_MG_7907- Bibi Veth

Appy Sluijs

Professor Earth Sciences – Marine palynology & palaeoceanography, University of Utrecht

20151121-213006-_MG_7896- Bibi Veth

“In scientific leadership – it is really crucial to ask the right questions. That is the reason why we are there. So it’s really about ‘what do we need to know the most urgently’ to better understand the earth’s system.”

20151121-215840-IMG_8856- Bibi Veth
20151121-215022-_MG_7925- Bibi Veth
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Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2015, Day 3

The Challenge

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20151122-121427-_MG_7981- Bibi Veth
20151122-121224-_MG_7977- Bibi Veth

“The reason for joining the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge is my deep concern about the global sustainable development, the way this planet has to develop in order to allowfuture generationsto enjoy the same benefits as we do right now. I live in a very beautiful city with a very rich environment. This is one more reason that motivated me to study Sustainable Development, so I can learn how to protect the environment.”
– Savvas Bermperis, student MSc in Sustainable Development in Greece

20151122-121833-_MG_7983- Bibi Veth
20151122-125720-_MG_7991- Bibi Veth
20151122-125840-_MG_7994- Bibi Veth

“For me the most valuable aspect of the entire Challenge was to meet the other participants and to hear their stories, perspectives and views. It is a deep belief of mine that as human beings we are here to inspire each other and to do good. That is exactly what is happening here at this conference.”
– Jens Christoph Parker, Corporate Finance Specialist at eBay in Germany

20151122-132712-_MG_8026- Bibi Veth
20151122-132316-_MG_8018- Bibi Veth
20151122-145617-_MG_8069- Bibi Veth
20151122-144703-_MG_8047- Bibi Veth
20151122-144900-_MG_8054- Bibi Veth

“When I came to the Challenge I was completely blank. I don’t have a corporate background like the other participants. However, I think the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge is very encouraging. Sometimes you need to lean on each other to be able to achieve something. Right now I feel when I go back I have a huge network that I can lean on to actually achieve my impact plan.”
– James Thuch Madhier, student at the Toronto University in Canada

20151122-133326-_MG_8036- Bibi Veth
20151122-150309-_MG_8084- Bibi Veth
20151122-150233-_MG_8081- Bibi Veth

“You see things; you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?’ This quote from George Shaw is one that I live by. I first heard it from my science teacher in junior high school and it immediately had an impact on me. As a result, I decided to complete my tertiary studies in innovation and science, believing that the combination of these two areas can address the world’s most pressing issues. However, solving the world’s issues can not be done by one person or one country alone and requires the cooperation of people from all over the world. This is my motivation to join the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge. Being involved in this forum will allow me to form global partnerships, to create opportunities to ‘dream things that never were’ and solve problems that people said could never be solved.”
– Oliver Squires, Science Educator in Australia

20151122-160229-_MG_8114- Bibi Veth
20151122-160021-_MG_8113- Bibi Veth

“The Challenge has been already very valuable for me. In these few days I have spoken to a lot of people and I received really good feedback. I got fantastic ideas and insights I hadn’t thought of from the coaches and from interacting with the other participants. I will leave this place with a much more executable impact plan. And in six months time when you call me to have the same conversation, I will tell you that I have actually changed the world. I will start with one company as a pilot project and maybe over the upcoming three years I will be changing many more companies. Let’s start with one, a small nudge. The Challenge certainly has given me a nudge in the right direction.”
– Trishanta Chetty, associate principal at Metier Investment and Advisory Services in South Africa

Henk Jan Beltman

Chief Chocolate Officer; Crazy about chocolate, serious about people

20151122-155127-_MG_8108- Bibi Veth

“When in a moment of weakness I think we can’t make a change, I always remember Anita Roddick’s words: ‘If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.’ We are the mosquitos. We want to wake up the big guys and be quick!”

20151122-161230-_MG_8120- Bibi Veth
20151122-131148-_MG_8014- Bibi Veth-small

“Personally it touched me to see that all the participants have a really positive mindset and they are willing to change. I have never experienced that from such a large group with so many different backgrounds. All the visions and the people that were here at the Challenge impressed me. And what I take away from this Challenge is that together we can change the world: Try whatever it takes, don’t give up and you will make it happen.”
– Emilie Ottervanger, International Management Trainee at ABN Amro in The Netherlands

20151122-161801-_MG_8127- Bibi Veth
20151122-162422-_MG_8134- Bibi Veth
20151122-162406-_MG_8133- Bibi Veth
20151122-162900-_MG_8136- Bibi Veth
20151122-162953-_MG_8138- Bibi Veth
20151122-163349-_MG_8148- Bibi Veth
20151122-163742-_MG_8151- Bibi Veth
20151122-165429-_MG_8160- Bibi Veth
20151122-164324-_MG_8157- Bibi Veth
20151122-165604-_MG_8163- Bibi Veth

“The Challenge is such a great way to get in contact with people from different backgrounds and with many diverse opinions. It is an experience I would have never imagined of. What I will take back with me are a lot of learning points and insights that I definitely can apply in my job. Although Unilever has already been a company that invests in sustainability, participating in the Challenge made me realize about the many things we still have to learn. I am going back home with a bag full of opportunities and hope to put the new gained insights into practice.”
– Luana Almeida, Finance Trainee at Unilever in Brazil

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20151122-171956-_MG_8170- Bibi Veth
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