TEDxHaarlem 2014

Maslow Reinvented

The third edition of TEDxHaarlem took place in the beautiful Philharmonie in the centre of Haarlem. A nice location that feeds the able minds and bodies on a daily basis. This was the perfect match for this years theme; Maslow Reinvented. For TEDxHaarlem 2014 discussed the current relevance of Maslow’ hierarchy on human motivation.
According to Maslow, human motivation is defined by a hierarchy of needs. The TEDxHaarlem 2014 talks analysed the framework of a fascinating psychological theory, created to define human motivation. With this theme TEDxHaarlem wanted to guide you through Maslow’s theory and inspire you to reflect on your own situation of human desire.

It was a vibrant event that left all the attendees in a state of enlightenment and wonder: ‘Does the Pyramid apply to me?’ And if so, ‘How does is apply?’ The audience definitely had something to think about, on their way home.

Relive TEDxHaarlem 2014 by browsing this storyboard…

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Bernt Schneiders


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“Old Maslow was right about finding ones true happiness at the top of the Pyramid.”

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Lloyd Marengo


20140522- 183359-IMG_8352-Bibi Veth

“My highest goal is to respect each other and have fun.”

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Valerie Hoeks


20140522- 183931-IMG_8381-Bibi Veth

“We can learn from the Chinese. I wish that everybody could fly to Beijing once. Not to climb the Wall, but to meet the Chinese and experience why relationships are so important in China.”

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20140522- 164856-IMG_9879-Bibi Veth

Ignaas Devisch


20140522- 185057-IMG_8400-Bibi Veth

“We stand from a period where our live was considered a destiny, a faith. These days we want to have control over our lives; the more we can control everything, the least we tolerate things we cannot control.”

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Abria Joseph


20140522- 191139-IMG_8448-Bibi Veth

“How clearly can you see yourself living your dreams? I strongly believe that if we could live our dreams, the world would be happier.”

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20140522- Ignaz Worm, PWN -Bibi Veth
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Marina van Goor


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“Dinner is one of the most extreme forms of togetherness. I break the stigma of eating alone is not attractive. For being alone in a public space is already suspected unless you are an attractive actress, mysterious poet or talented writer. I changed this notion into a very sexy moment of disconnection. I think I’ve hit a sensitive chord. So social design can induce change in this world.”

20140522- 204050-IMG_0275-Bibi Veth
20140522- 210628-IMG_8580-Bibi Veth

Annette Gudde


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“The alpha brainwave makes you feel relaxed. It is the bridge between our conscious and unconscious brain. Closing your eyes is an easy way to get your alpha brainwave functioning. The delta brainwave is your radar. These brainwaves trigger our empathic ability. Flow connects all the brainwaves.”

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20140522- 195649-IMG_0229-Bibi Veth

George Arakel


20140522- 211558-IMG_8602-Bibi Veth

“Is color blindness the solution? No, the solution is to embrace colors. We have to accept differences. We are different. That is okay. It’s not about rights. It’s about having the same right to be different.”

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Suzanne Groot & Anton Pauw


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“My highest goal is to teach parents the importance of music in their childs’ life.”

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Wouter Bruins


20140522- 230024-IMG_8700-Bibi Veth

“Problems are not solved in boardrooms. I think individuals, people in small groups, can make a change because they have freedom. If we could all chip in a few hours of our time, we can solve the biggest problems.”

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Kylian Wawoe


20140522- 231048-IMG_0403-Bibi Veth

“Does money make you happy? Yes, if your basic needs are not fulfilled. With money you can get from the first to the second layer. But, after that money does not make you more happy.”

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Photography by Bibi Veth
Quotes by Ynke Feenstra and Terri Salminen
Intro tweaked by Ruud Duivis

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